Sunday, February 14, 2010

yummy yum yums

Ever since we started buying this maple yogurt for Baysil I've been DYING to bake with it. It's sooooo yummy. (A BIG thanks to my Aunt Kristal for introducing me to the stuff way back in '04, I'm glad to finally have an excuse to keep the creamy goodness in my house). So as Will pulled out of the drive way, oops excuse me, I mean parking spot, I thought to myself... Today isTHE day. Yummy yummy yummy maple yogurt, it is time to start baking!

I wasn't in the mood for being too original or creative or homemade. I didn't want this to be the most elaborate creation I just want it to be GOOD. And good it was my friends, gooooooood it was!

I started by adding a little more than 1/2 a cup of the yogurt to a chocolate cake mix... yumdelicious. It turned out beautiful. Bay and I sampled a warm one and it was smooth moist deliciousness... couldn't really taste the maple, oh well.

Onto the frosting. Being the resourceful person that I am... (cough cough) I decided to just liven up some cream cheese frosting I had left over from my last baking excursion. (I like baking ok get over it) I added coco, more butter, sugar and some maple extract and voila.PERFECTION!

Listen you may not know this but I am quite the cupcake connoisseur... I've tried Trophy's andRoyal's here in WA. Royal was ok, don't waist your time on Trophy's. I've had a Mini's cupcake a time or two in Utah, eh, good. I'm not exsaturating when I say I'll take one of these Maple Chocolate Yum Yums (that's the name I gave them) over all of them... (notice I didn't mention the sacred Elizabethan Desserts in Encinitas.. yeah that's because nobody and i mean NOBODY beats those cupcake creations. That Elizabeth is down right magical!)

jolly ho.

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Mama P said...

Thanks for the post Kassey, now open your own bakery!