Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recipes to Share

I have always enjoyed food, whether cooking it or eating it. I have been teased for making sounds as I enjoy a tasty meal. I love to cook and at times it has been a great help and therapy. My family knows when they find me in the kitchen at 10 o'clock at night whipping up a batch of cookies or bread, either I am stressed and working through it or it's time to invite friends over for a party. As a child I was encouraged to be open minded and always willing to taste new foods and try new recipes. As a mom of 7, I know meal time can be challenging, which is why I am starting this blog. This is a place where we can come as friends and share recipes, ideas and hints to help us with mealtime or anytime. Life is to short to not enjoy the food along the way.


Adorable Affordables said...

This look like a lot of fun I guess that the reason that I come up as adorable affordables is because that's my blog but it's just me, the description is to professional. I think I'll change it....some day!

Pomegranate Princess said...

Mama P.,
I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I wanted to get on weeks ago, but I had to make sure we could get a Google account. I will frequent your site. I made pomegranate jelly today, and I thought of you. This is the best idea for a blog--EVER! I don't usually use exclamation points this excessively.
--Pomegranate Princess